Agronauts* Collective



Agronauts*Collective is a collaborative working group at the intersection of aesthetic practice, artistic research and environmental activism since 2019.


The core team consists of Otto Kauppinen, Hana Magdoňová, and Lea Spahn who connect the fields of performance art, dramaturgy, relational aesthetics, arts education, (post-) phenomenology, and political ecologies. As a collective, they organize an annual symposium “crossing borders” that invites for collaborative and transdisciplinary work.

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The Agronaut* was conceived as fictional character that emerges from the challenges of living in the Anthropocene – but over the past years, the imagination of a character transformed into process-oriented practices of agronauting:





























In this sense, our work is an open-ended inquiry into the question of how to co-create livable futures by using body-based practices in a more-than-human world.

The principle of agronauting is connected to imaginative story-telling that evokes ways of collective caring and posthuman ways of ‘being in the world’ for bodies of all kinds – human and non-human. We want to apply the power of creating forms of expression and alternative narratives that create sensory-affective experience-scapes.

With our focus on the creation of platforms for research and collaboration, of immersive encounters and sensibilization for naturecultures the Agronauts*Collective envisions multi-species collectives that  emerge for rhizomatic co-teaching and co-learning in an era of planetary politics.


Based on experiencing and experimenting, we want to challenge hegemonic norms of cohabitation to spark new imaginaries of/and possible futures. Agronauting is not an optimization of ourselves and our bodies. Agronauting is a sensibilization of our bodies in becoming.

Rather than finding answers, we want to propose questions:


How do we connect to our environments as bodies?

How are we part of our environments as sensing bodies?

How can we shift conceptions of bodies towards becoming multi-species collectives?

In what ways are we bound to socio-historical, biological, geopolitical and local conditions?

Where can we go from here?

How exactly does the performativity of our artistic practice create transformations of perceptions and (social) norms?

What traces do we leave? What traces do we create in the future?

Who is this ‘we’?

And what keeps us together as collectives?

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